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Reliving SI Covers: Chicago Cubs

Remember, after today there’s only ONE DAY LEFT to like Baseblog on Facebook, follow on Twitter or Tumblr and be entered to win ten free months of Sports Illustrated. Keep spreading the word and at the end of January we’ll find out who wins! In the meantime, the “Reliving SI Covers” mini-series will feature some of my favorite covers from the NL Central Division since the year 2000. Take a look at today’s installment.

I held out on writing the Chicago Cubs edition of “Reliving SI Covers” until the very end. The Cubbies are my favorite team, and since this mini-series is essentially just a recap of all Sports Illustrated covers that struck my fancy, it seemed only appropriate that the Cubs serve as a finale.

A majority of covers featuring the Cubs make very bold statements. “It’s Gonna Happen” in Japanese graced the cover highlighting Kosuke Fukudome‘s signing. Even more bold, the 2004 baseball season preview said“Hell Freezes Over: The Cubs Will Win the World Series”. They missed the playoffs that year, finishing in third place and 16 games back of the St. Louis Cardinals. My favorite covers feature no such statements. Hope and optimism, yes, but no World Series predictions.

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